RED FAREWELL《喜丧》 (2019)

RED FAREWELL ( 55 min, 2019) A poetic visual elegy celebrating life in time of death. The film reveals the elaborate rituals of a traditional Chinese “Happy Funeral” for a 104 year old… Continue reading

C/O BUTTERFLY 《一蝶》 (2015)

C/O BUTTERFLY – A Rhapsody of the Womb A Film by Joanne Cheng (70min 2015)  SYNOPSIS In c/o Butterfly, the viewer encounters an abortion, enters a womb, a tunnel, a stream-of-consciousness to meet two… Continue reading

A CHILD 《金童闭女》(2020)

A CHILD -Autistic Challenge to China (In Post Production, 2020) A CHILD-Autistic Challenge to China  SYNOPSIS Through close observation of autistic schools in southern China and individual families in Beijing, the film reveals the growing… Continue reading

GOLDEN LOTUS《中国金莲》 (2006)

GOLDEN LOTUS-The legacy of Bound Feet  (59min, 2006) SYNOPSIS Set against the backdrop of 21st century China, the filmmaker searches along the banks of the northern Yellow River and in remote villages in southwest Yunnan , … Continue reading

MAMA’S GOLD 《金娃娃》(2003)

MAMA’S GOLD: The Orphans of Shangri-La ( 92min,2003) MAMA’S GOLD   SYNOPSIS MAMA’S GOLD is a heartfelt story of one woman (China Mama) and her 300 ethnic orphans, aged from 2 to 17 years… Continue reading

CHINA GOLD RUSH 《东方淘金》(2000)

CHINA GOLD RUSH: A Millennial Portrait of Contemporary China (52min, 2000), a PBS Broadcast 2000   CHINA GOLD RUSH  (2000. 52min)   Synopsis Against the back drop of millennial fervor, filmmaker Joanne Cheng journeys… Continue reading

THE PHOENIX NEST (In Development)

THE PHOENIX NEST, Historical Drama with/Fantasy Written  by  Joanne Cheng   SYNOPSIS Against the backdrop of a sprawling metropolis Beijing at the turn of 21st century, Chinese expat PHOENIX  returns to her long lost… Continue reading