MAMA’S GOLD 《金娃娃》(2003)

MAMA’S GOLD: The Orphans of Shangri-La ( 92min,2003)


MAMA’S GOLD is a heartfelt story of one woman (China Mama) and her 300 ethnic orphans, aged from 2 to 17 years old, many who are survivors of the devastating earthquakes and poverty that struck southwest China in 1996 and 1998.  Seen through the close observation of the orphanage’s daily life and juxtaposed with the filmmaker’s visit to the children’s original villages deep in the mountains, the film reveals the painful healing process of orphans struggling to cope with the psychological scars of their past. Paralleled in the film, and against the backdrop of China in the midst of a historical transformation is the conflict China Mama has with her one time friend/donor from the United States, consequently resulting in a unsettling lawsuit that threatens to close the orphanage. MAMA’S GOLD makes direct comment on survival, loneliness, and the universal human struggle in face of great challenges.

《金娃娃》 简介

《金娃娃》讲的是中国西南香格里拉地区一个妈妈、三百个孤儿幸存自然灾难,在爱与磨难中相依为命的感人故事。全片通过影人第一人称的独白、对孤儿院日常生活点滴的捕捉以及对座落在深山高湖孤儿家乡的回访,细腻刻划了孤儿在新的母爱中愈合心灵伤痕的艰难过程。本片同时通过记录孤儿院与美国捐款人之间的一场官司透视中国改革开放后慈善事业的发展中令人深思的问题以及成人之间的世态炎凉。 《金娃娃》婉如一幅略带凄美又不失壮丽的现代中国人文肖像。