QUEST OF SAGE《问祖》(2019)纪录片

Revival of Confucianism in China (In Post Production,2019)  

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From the Cave of Confucius to the pyramid-shaped Tomb of Shaohao, known as the ancestor of Confucius, Filmmaker travels to the heart of Chinese ancient civilization-attending workshops for western university philosophers and private school camps offering enlightenment on Chinese traditional culture and homes of the decedents of the Sage who live by the rituals and values once condemned.

JC与罗思文夫妇 new


《问祖》 简介

从尼山夫子洞曲阜周边到人称“东方金字塔”的少昊陵 影人沿山东孔孟古迹探寻圣人后裔的生活的写真 途中采访重要中外儒学专家,目睹时代变迁中孔子家乡 先哲礼仪和思想的传承复兴

追溯中华民族思想精神的缘起 仰问祖先圣哲