C/O BUTTERFLY 《一蝶》(2014)

A Film by Joanne Cheng  (2014)


In c/o Butterfly, the viewer encounters an abortion, enters a womb, a tunnel, a stream-of-consciousness to meet two women at crossroad  all  haunted by lives that  could have been. PHOENIX  in her 40s, unmarried, wants a child;  BUTTERFLF in her 20s, entangled with a man of power, aborts one. Viewers walk along the chilly interiors of the nightmares of the two women haunted by the spirit of the crushed fetus who lives on.

c/o BUTTERFLY reveals the battle of body and soul. A meditation on choices  and a eulogy of life and time lost

《一蝶》   简介
“灵与肉的选择与阳光下挥之不去的恶梦” ——导演


GOLDEN LOTUS《中国金莲》(2006)

The legacy of Bound Feet  (59min, 2006)


Set against the backdrop of 21st century China, the filmmaker searches along the banks of the northern Yellow River and in remote villages in southwest Yunnan ,  for the last survivors of Bound Feet. Told through the first person narrative of the filmmaker who was raised by her bound-feet grandmother, the film captures otherwise lost voices and the haunting memory of 12 bound-feet Chinese women of ages ranging from 78 to 106, including that of the 90 year-old cut paper folk artist, Ms. Yang Hui Xiu. Through the exclusive portrayal of women of a bygone era, the film reveals one of the darkest secrets of Chinese civilization and women’s changing destiny in a society once, and perhaps still, dominated by men.


《中国金莲》纪录中国最后一代金莲 的足迹和声音和一段令人反思即将消失的历史。从北方黄河壶口瀑布旁的窑洞到南方的云南黄花地中的古寨深院,影人纪录捕捉近12位(年龄为106-78岁) 老人包括杨会修剪纸艺人。影人以独特跨文化的视角,在真情的人文关怀中大胆揭密中华文明。


MAMA’S GOLD《金娃娃》(2003)

The Orphans of Shangri-La ( 92min,2003)


MAMA’S GOLD is a heartfelt story of one woman (China Mama) and her 300 ethnic orphans, aged from 2 to 17 years old, many who are survivors of the devastating earthquakes and poverty that struck southwest China in 1996 and 1998.  Seen through the close observation of the orphanage’s daily life and juxtaposed with the filmmaker’s visit to the children’s original villages deep in the mountains, the film reveals the painful healing process of orphans struggling to cope with the psychological scars of their past. Paralleled in the film, and against the backdrop of China in the midst of a historical transformation is the conflict China Mama has with her one time friend/donor from the United States, consequently resulting in a unsettling lawsuit that threatens to close the orphanage. MAMA’S GOLD makes direct comment on survival, loneliness, and the universal human struggle in face of great challenges.


《金娃娃》讲的是中国西南香格里拉地区一个妈妈、三百个孤儿幸存自然灾难,在爱与磨难中相依为命的感人故事。全片通过影人第一人称的独白、对孤儿院日常生活点滴的捕捉以及对座落在深山高湖孤儿家乡的回访,细腻刻划了孤儿在新的母爱中愈合心灵伤痕的艰难过程。本片同时通过记录孤儿院与美国捐款人之间的一场官司透视中国改革开放后慈善事业的发展中令人深思的问题以及成人之间的世态炎凉。 《金娃娃》婉如一幅略带凄美又不失壮丽的现代中国人文肖像。



The Intersection of Art and Technology  (A Documentary by Joanne Cheng, 25min, 2008)



Digital Stone Exhibition highlights the creative process of four contemporary American artists Kenneth Snelson, Bruce Beasley, Jon Isherwood and Robert Michael Smith whose sculptural works demonstrate the fusion of digital technologies of the West with traditional craftsmanship of the East. A intimate Look at the intersection of art and technology.

The artists start with Autodesk design tools to form and stretch complex shapes for their sculptures, before a single stone is cut. Then, they work with some of the finest stone carvers in China, who use 3D rapid prototypes to create the extraordinary stone sculptures featured in a travelling exhibition in China (Beijing Today Art Museum. Shanghai Duolun Museum and Jinse Gallery in Chongqing)

《数码石雕展-技术和艺术的交融》程娟纪录片2008 年,25分钟   简介

《数码石雕展》纪录片展现四位美国著名雕塑家用Autodesk 数码软件创意设计并建模雕塑作品然后在中国用石刻放大再现作品的全过程。本片倾听四位大师在探索艺术创作真谛里程中如何在数码软件的无限疆土里展开想象任意驰骋设计创新的自由探索。《数码石雕展》 揭示21世纪数码时代抽象雕塑艺术的前沿动态,是东西方艺术对话精彩纪实录。

《数码石雕展》2008年配合大型数码石雕展一起在全国美术馆和画廊巡演 (开幕式在今日美术馆,上海多伦美术馆,重庆锦瑟画廊)