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HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ  (5min, color, 2007)   Synopsis

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ is a poetic meditation on loss and grief in the face of uncertainty. In a dream-like sequence of iconic moments lived by three female characters—the mother, the daughter and the little girlfriend—the film transports the viewer from sorrow burdened by the weight of memory to joyful affirmation of life despite its fragility.

The film taps into the subconscious mind of the characters with minimum action and dialogue. Only the voices of the children are heard. The traditional dances by the children and Chinese Zheng music performed by the mother add a rich cultural flavor to this visual tale with a storyline open to multiple interpretations.

《生日快乐》短片   简介

嬉水于沙滩的两个小女孩,让坐在岸边的母亲想起一年前溺水的女儿Liz。Liz生日那天,姐姐替Liz点燃烛光中回家的愿望, 母亲和姐姐的手指弹响墓地里天使旋律。

记忆里回闪但那在视线中渐渐消失的小纸船 仿佛警醒着成人的责任和生命的脆弱。。。

《生日快乐》恍如梦境 是影人对女性如何面对人生意外和命运的诗意思考。