GOLDEN LOTUS《中国金莲》(2006)纪录片

The legacy of Bound Feet  (59min, 2006)

SYNOPSIS Set against the backdrop of 21st century China, the filmmaker searches along the banks of the northern Yellow River and in remote villages in southwest Yunnan ,  for the last survivors of Bound Feet. Told through the first person narrative of the filmmaker who was raised by her bound-feet grandmother, the film captures otherwise lost voices and the haunting memory of 12 bound-feet Chinese women of ages ranging from 78 to 106, including that of the 90 year-old cut paper folk artist, Ms. Yang Hui Xiu. Through the exclusive portrayal of women of a bygone era, the film reveals one of the darkest secrets of Chinese civilization and women’s changing destiny in a society once, and perhaps still, dominated by men.

《中国金莲》 简介 《中 国金莲》纪录中国最后一代金莲 的足迹和声音和一段令人反思即将消失的历史。从北方黄河壶口瀑布旁的窑洞到南方的云南黄花地中的古寨深院,影人纪录捕捉近12位(年龄为106-78岁) 老人包括杨会修剪纸艺人。影人以独特跨文化的视角,在真情的人文关怀中大胆揭密中华文明。


Joanne Cheng’s film ‘The Golden Lotus’ is in the best traditions of salvage ethnography, recording the evidence for contemporary habits and customs which the modern world has made anachronistic. Here we have vivid testimony, from the women who personally endured this debilitating deformation of their bodies to please the aesthetic sensibilities of a patriarchal culture and gain social legitimacy in the eyes of their peers. And as if to emphasize the fact that the culture of bound feet will soon exist only in memory, we bear dramatic witness to the funeral of one of the old women who has played a central role in the film. Ms. Cheng effectively penetrates the veil of modesty surrounding these survivors of the old society to shed unprecedented and unreplicable light on this historical legacy. Highly recommended for cinema or documentary enthusiasts, or for anyone seeking more information about Chinese history and culture”. --Gene Cooper, Professor, Dept of Anthropology and East Asian Studies Center,  University of Southern California 2007

美国南加州大学人类学和东亚研究中心 Gene Cooper 教授2007年评论:“程娟的《中国金莲》纪录片传承和体现了文化人类学中抢救珍藏民俗的传统精髓。它是对一个被现代社会所嘲笑遗弃的旧习俗的生动见证和纪录。在影片中,我们不仅可以看到那些为迎合男权文化的审美标准换得生存权利而不惜断筋折骨的脚的扭曲残形,而且能听到这些缠足妇女关于如何被社会和同辈人合理接纳的如泣如诉的独白。 影人似乎强调缠足文化将转瞬仅存在人们的记忆中,影片让观众目睹了一场女主人翁生命终结的浩荡葬礼. 程娟用这个有穿透性的影片之手,大胆揭开那张覆盖在旧社会女性头上羞涩的历史面纱, 从而以无法复制的空前的力度照亮历史文化遗产的一个死角。我将此片高度推荐给那些热爱电影和纪录片以及那些任何想追溯历史寻根中国文化的人”。


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Bermuda Int’l Film Festival 2007

Brave Festival (Poland) 2007

San Diego Asian Film Festival 2007

Wine Country Film Festival (USA) 2006

Lyon Asian Film Festival (France) 2007

Film Stock International Film Festival (UK) 2006


Angela Zito, NYU Professor of Anthropology on GOLDEN LOTUS & Chinese Footbinding

GOLDEN LOTUS Screening, Bermuda Int’l Film Festival 2007

GOLDEN LOTUS Screening, Brave Festival (Poland) 2007

GOLDEN LOTUS Screening, San Diego Asian Film Festival 2007

GOLDEN LOTUS Premiere, Film Stock International Film Festival (UK) 2006

GOLDEN LOTUS Screening, Wine Country Film Festival (USA) 2006

GOLDEN LOTUS Screening, Lyon Asian Film Festival (France) 2007