CHINA GOLD RUSH 《东方淘金》(2000)

CHINA GOLD RUSH: A Millennial Portrait of Contemporary China (52min, 2000), a PBS Broadcast 2000


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CHINA GOLD RUSH  (2000. 52min)   Synopsis

Against the back drop of millennial fervor, filmmaker Joanne Cheng journeys from Times Square to Tiananmen Square seeking a definition of China on the eve of the twenty-first century. Interviewing Internet surfers, business executives, avant-garde artists, punk rockers, “China Watchers” and Westerners living in China, she reveals a society in transitional mode as it moves rapidly towards modernity.

Themes explored include “Biggest changes & Internet”; “Doing business & WTO”; “Misconception & media”; “interracial love & marriage”, “Tradition & history”; “Punk music & youth”; “Children and world’s future”.

CHINA GOLD RUSH is perhaps one of the first cinematic depictions of millennial China and its relationship with the west in the 21st century. It challenges stereotypes and misconceptions and provides valuable insights into one of the most dynamic and exciting cultures in the world today.


《东方淘金》(2000年,52分钟) 简介 程一若作品

在全球喜迎千禧的沸腾时刻,影人程的镜头飘扬过海,从时代广场到天安门广场,追寻21世纪初中国改革变化的大千风貌,影片采访了网络游戏者,企业老板,前卫艺术家,朋克音乐人和生活工作在中国的西方人。影片探索主题环绕“最大变化和互联网”,“从商和世贸”, “媒体和误解”,“跨国婚姻和爱情”, “传统和历史”, “朋克音乐浴青年”和“儿童和未来”。《东方淘金》激情刻画千禧中国东西方交融前沿动态,探讨焦点挑战西方人对中国的偏见与误解。