Joanne Cheng as Associate Professor of Cinema and Television

程娟影视副教授 中英双语影视教育

1. BROADCAST JOURNALISM 英语电视新闻-播音与主持课程

This subject introduces the styles, formats and production techniques of television journalism, including news and long-form reporting and investigative journalism. Students develop basic and advanced broadcast writing skills and presenting skills, and skills in producing both “Live” and “ taped television programs, undertake research, planning, and production both in and outside the Television studio; This course focuses on project-based learning; Students will learn and evaluate renowned television news broadcast and stories and interview shows; while students conceptualize and create their own shows and faculty may work on editorial projects together and publish or host the work on our own blog/Web site to be created.


Joanne Cheng Host Interview Demonstration 程娟“播音主持课”主持示范
Students Hands-on Practice: Interviewing Skills and Studio Shooting 学生动手实践:主持练习与演播室拍摄


This documentary production course combines production with history and theory. The course emphasizes on the principle of visual story telling in both short and long form documentaries of various genres. Students will learn critical viewing skills as how to evaluate documentaries on the basis of picture composition, camera movement and lighting, use of music and audio effects and script techniques; they also will produce a her/his documentary of 10min going through the process of research, pre-planning and writing, shooting & editing.

跨文 化纪录片制作课是一门综合学习纪录片发展历史理论和拍摄实践的 课程。本课教授纪录短片和长片的视觉叙事要领,培养学生专业从不同角度看片,学习构图,镜头运动,灯光,音乐等方面的影评技巧。学生制作10分钟的自己的 纪录片,学会调研、计划、拍摄、剪辑、写稿、配音等专业技能。


Documentary Production & Appreciation by Joanne Cheng Class 2011

This course examines film aesthetics and film as a century long evolving art form through case studies of award winning films from around the world from past to the present. Comparison will be made  between Hollywood blockbusters and Independent art house films which cross cultural boundaries and promote global understanding. Focus for Spring 2012 will be made on Cinema of Innocence. Film segment screening/cinematic analysis will be done in class by the teacher and after class student screening and reading is required
本课阐述: 电影 在特定社会历史文化环境下不断发展的美学历程和电影做为视听语言艺术形式的独特魅力。本课通过 案例分析 经典介绍 那些世界国获奖独立艺术电影并 将之好莱坞商业大片对比。 本学期尤其聚焦童真电影,探讨跨文化创作视角。 每周课上电影艺术概念阐述,电影片段分析和讨论。世界电影/电影美学课 将学生带入专业电影分析的新境界,为有志于丰富影视文化视野者首选。是选修影视制作课学生的必修基础课。

Film Aesthetics Class of 2012 程娟电影美学课 培养英文电影评论人才



This course examines film aesthetics and film as a century long evolving art form through case studies of Amecian films of different genres from the past to the present. Focus will be placed on the most influential new Hollywood films since 60s including independent film both fiction and non fiction productions. In addition to study of film as an art form, the course will also touch upon American film as an industry and business in the context of its historical, social and cultural relevance. Film segment screening/ demonstration/ analysis will be done in class and after class weekly screening and reading is required.

American Cinema and Culture Lecture by Joanne Cheng 2010

American Cinema and Culture Seminar Course by Joanne Cheng 2010