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BFSU’S AMERICAN WEEK- INTERCULTURAL FILM FORUM 2012 Featuring “Multicultural identity and US-China Co Production”

BFSU’S AMERICAN WEEK- INTERCULTURAL FILM FORUM 2012 Featuring “Multicultural identity and US-China Co Production”

 INTERCULTURAL FILM FORUM 2012: “US-China Co Productions & Multicultural identity  ”


“Multicultural Identity & US-China Coproductions” was the theme of 2012 BFSU Intercultural Film Forum which featured educational seminars on multicultural films including KARATE KID, a successful US-China coproduction of 2010, MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING, highest grossing romantic comedy since 2003 and A COUCH IN NEW YORK . The Forum held on May 24 and 25th  at Beijing Foreign Studies University, was part of BFSU’s American Week organized by Communication Arts Center and InfoUSA@BFSU with the support of US-China Education Trust (USCET), aiming to enhance multicultural understanding through films, arts and other cultural event. William Feng, Chief Representative for the Motion Picture Association (MPA) in China, also a BFSU alumni, was invited and shared his insights on the latest issues of the changing trend on US-China co-productions films and the global industry value chain.
 Host speaker Joanne Cheng and guest speaker William Feng speaking on US-China co-production films
MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING and A COUCH IN NEW YORK are two romantic comedies on intercultural romance: one set in Chicago with a Greek twist, one in New York with Paris in the backdrop, all love and identity found in the land called American melting pot; KARATE KID demonstrated the transformation of a martial art inspired African American teenager whose story is universal that anyone who is confronting challenge of a new multicultural reality can relate to the experience or learn something from watching the film ” said Joanne Cheng, curator for Intercultural Film Forum Program, also director of Communication Arts Center/BFSU.
 CAC director Joanne Cheng and Dr. Li Jinzhao speaking on romantic comedy and multiculturalism
(Left) Zhai Zheng from American Info opening the seminars
(Right) Guest speaker William Feng signing on the poster
 Group photo of speakers and audience members