ON CHINA GOLD RUSH 谈《东方淘金》2000

China Gold Rush is actually my first documentary talking about China,

a changing China, from the perspectives of foreigners living in China.

I actually had six sections of the changing China.

I had Internet explosion, punk rocking, interracial marriage

Business and WTO and historical review of China, misunderstanding

And of course you have me walking around in Beijing or across China

as if seeking an answer to a question.

Because I found lot of foreigners didn’t quite understand China at that time

in early 2000, or not even 2000.

I did a lot of PR working in United States before I was a full-time filmmaker.

I felt there is great room for illumination of truth,

or at least providing information for the English speaking audience.

So I went back to China almost after sixteen years of absence.

So for me it’s a rediscovery of my home

China Gold Rush is going like a unfolding cavern,

It provides horizontal China.

My later film is vertical going deeper.



从生活在中国的外国人视角看中国 变化中的中国



网络盛行 朋克音乐 跨国婚姻

世贸和经济 历史记忆 媒体和误解





我在全拍片之前 在美国做公关顾问时


影人应担起责任 为英语观众打开一扇信息之窗

所以离开祖国十六年后 我重返家园