A CHILD 2013

I am doing a new film called “A Child”.

Meaning it could be interpreted as “One Child Policy” in China as a child,

or it could be autistic child, or in other word, it could be artistic child.

I always like to play little pun there.

Autism is a huge problem here in China.

Probably it become a world phenomenon right now.

People are confronted with daily choices of how to carry on, particularly the parents.

You know the autistic children, they are living in their own world.

I am not so sure they are suffering.

We always tend to be sympathetic,

but maybe they are enjoying themselves.

It is the parents who are undergoing tremendous stress or challenges.

Some women become the single mother.

Some father left their family. I heard story of that.

There are also good stories of fathers taking on their responsibilities even more than the mother.



This autistic subject matter deals with loneliness too.

It deals with how society sees or reacts to this unique group of people

who have their unique identity.

The more I do this story, the more I feel closer to the subject matter.

I feel like I am celebrating autism almost.

I am not taking a sympathetic approach saying

“Poor kids, help them,donate”

I really look at them with great appreciation.

Many of them they are very artistic.

I am not so sure autism is or should to be characterized as a disease

although it certainly is.

From the medical point of view, something happened with their nerves in the mind.

No one is sure about what would be the cure, or there is no cure actually.

I think those autistic children should be celebrated.

Again, unique people should be celebrated.

Individual has to be preserved.

Unique voice has to be heard.

I think that’s probably the theme of my film.

I just want to see someone different coming out, being celebrated.

If anyone want to be part of group, like hiding out there, I don’t want tell that story.

I actually need to learn more about Chinese harmony,

the so-called Chinese harmony