ON C/O BUTTERFLY  (70 min, 2014)


If you see the film C/O BUTTERFLY,

You will notice this is a film of two women

This is a story for all women

This is a story for women who are starting life

when she is able to be pregnant, she can give birth.

And the second woman in her forties, she is going through life cycle

She wants to have a child, but she’s unable to give birth to a child, or unable to get pregnant.

So this dichotomy of the younger woman and the older woman

One is getting rid of a fetus inside of her,

One is trying to implant an embryo inside of her.

So these two women are doing two different things.

but it’s all happening inside her womb

So this is a story of womb, W-O-M-B

Womb is a ultimate source for all story I feel.



Constantly I’m making a conscious decision on making comments on body or human body,

particularly on female body.

What are we doing with our bodies?

How does body interact with mind?

Does body or the abuse of your body has consequences on your spirit.

So the relationship between your soul and your body is something I am searching.

You know my last story was talking about bound feet

I was looking at a women’s feet.

All my stories relate to life and death

There is always a advantage point,

There’s always a part of the body that I study as almost an approach



The issue of abortion is such a political issue,

It could be political, it could be religious, it could be medical, it could be very psychological.

So it is a mutil-layered issue that I am tapping into.

I try to tell a very personal story. This is not a political story.

I am sure this protry of people and prolife of people would like to question me a few things. but I want to say this is my personal observation of life and death.

And I am seeing life from the point of view of a fetus almost.

And I even have a monolog of a fetus in the film the fetus who was aborted.

Who could have a life if the fetus was allowed to grow inside a woman’s body.

So I am ultimately yearning for life.



I am so deeply influenced by European masters like Bergman or Fellini.

In Bergman’s movie he constantly deal with subject about death.

I am looking into the face of death through my film butterfly.

Living is part of the process of walking toward another destination

that is our eternal home, that is death.

I never thought about that much when I was young,

like your age in twenties.

I thought I was eternal,

I am here forever,

I never thought about time, the issue of time.

I thought I have all the time.