This documentary production course combines production with history and theory. The course emphasizes on the principle of visual story telling in both short and long form documentaries of various genres. Students will learn critical viewing skills as how to evaluate documentaries on the basis of picture composition, camera movement and lighting, use of music and audio effects and script techniques; they also will produce a her/his documentary of 10min going through the process of research, pre-planning and writing, shooting & editing.

跨文化纪录片制作课是一门综合学习纪录片发展历史理论和拍摄实践的 课程。本课教授纪录短片和长片的视觉叙事要领,培养学生专业从不同角度看片,学习构图,镜头运动,灯光,音乐等方面的影评技巧。学生制作10分钟的自己的 纪录片,学会调研、计划、拍摄、剪辑、写稿、配音等专业技能。

Practice shootingDocumentary Prod by Joanne Cheng BFSU Spring 2013



Reaserch-Shooting-Editing training @Documentary Production Workshop at BFSU 2013
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