A CHILD (2018) SPONSORSHIP 赞助《金童闭女》

A CHILD-Autistic Challenge to China (2012)

A CHILD-Autistic Challenge to China (2018)


INTRODUCTION: A CHILD- Autistic Challenge to China is a feature length documentary by Joanne Cheng- intimate portrait of human China seen through the lens of Autism. While this documentary surveys the eco system in social/legal/medical spheres affecting the growing autistic population in China, it presents the daily struggles of several autistic individuals (from children to adults) and their families living in Guangxi, Guangzhou and Beijing, Cheng’s film celebrates individual power against adversity, unique voice preserved through artistic achievement.

We believe this film creates an opportunity for the filmmaker and individuals and organizations around the world to share humanitarian concern for “the invisible underpriviliage” and further faciliate understanding between people of different cultures.

Contact: sponsorshipforachild@gmail.com


LOVE ALL THE WAY (A short film by Joanne Cheng, 7 min, 2012)

Log line: Five mothers of autistic children join force to form an organization called Kangnazhou in effort to provide lifelong support to autistic children and their families in China.